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j_dunya_d's Journal

25 December
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Me? I am just ordinary girl. Well, maybe not so ordinary :) I am kinda shy. Which is my biggest problem. But I am nice and funny. Maybe crazy around my friends. A true friend, although i don't have many true friends or just friends. Know how to keep a secret and if I can I help my friends (just to talk, or to do a favor, comfort them if they are sad).Have a secret dream of acting. Which nobody knows about it. Just to be a little, tiny part of Tv show or movie,(haha Supernatural would be my dreams) but anyway, that just a dream. Have a big dream to get to meet my favorite actors and to be on set of my favorite show. But i know the last won't happened, but for the first i can dream. Can I? :)I will keep my biggest dream a secret but it has to do something with friends and SPN :P. I already meet one famous person :) my favorite singer and it was awesome, hope the same will happen with my favorite actors :P I love if people have a sense of humor and are talkative, because I am not so much :). I love to laugh. Love dogs and i have one too. I like to listen a lot of music genres, I just need to like the song, which ain't even that hard :P but mostly i listen to rock and pop. But I don't like techno very much. And about the film genre. Its similar. Need to like it :). Like to watch to horrors, actions, criminals, comedys... I am an easy fan to pleased :). Ok, ok i will tell it xD my favorite show is Supernatural. Based on this you can assume who my favorite actors are :D. And singer? That would be Dima Bilan.

Sorry for mistakes I made, which I am sure I did :D. English isn't my first language, so don't be too harsh on me :D
I am Slovenian :D